Allow your users to collect data on a wide-range of devices:

  • With a desktop computer through the internet
  • On a basic java-enabled phone, (e.g. Nokia 1680 ~$35)
  • Or capture geo-tagged & multimedia data (e.g. Nokia 2710 ~$150)

openXdata mobile

For more information on Compatible Devices see our Documentation Section

We’ve worked hard to keep openXdata light but powerful so it can be run effectively on cheap phones to keep your running costs down and a switch to electronic data collection as painless as possible.

To take full advantage of openXdata a java-enabled phone will display your forms and provide you skip logic, validation, and dynamic selection lists. If your phone has multimedia, GPS, we can support that too.  If you have some users without java-enabled phones you can also use openXdata with SMS.

Although java is meant to be cross platform, different phone manufacturers implement it differently. Overall, as a community, we find that Nokia phones readily support our application and are widely available in developing countries at a reasonable price.  We have no ties with Nokia and aren’t specifically trying to promote them. If you’ve had success with other brands please let us know so we can update our documentation and broaden our usage opportunities.

openXdata Web Capture

openXdata includes the ability to collect data in a web-form, and then view and edit the data you’ve collected.

  • Users anywhere with an internet connection can enter data online
  • Permission controlled
  • Available in 4 languages