openXdata comes in two parts, the openXdata server and the mobile phone client.

openXdata server

Installation instructions are available in the Documentation. Download this file and save as “openxdata.war”

(Nightly Build available at bottom of page)

openXdata server Windows All-in-one Installer

Download openXdata Installer for server 1.16.7

After using the installer, openXdata should be available on your machine at http://localhost:8080/openXdata (note the capital X in openXdata). The default username/password is admin/admin. Documentation is at

openXdata mForms (mobile client)

Pairs with openXdata server 1.16.x: 

Please see our Documentation for information on installation, compatible phones, and using openXdata.

If you are having any problems getting started with openXdata, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Previous Versions

For previous versions of openXdata, see our download archives.

Nightly Build

Enjoy living on the edge? Download our latest nightly build – this is the .war file built from code that was submitted yesterday. Use this in a production system at your own risk, it has our latest features but things may not be working as expected. Tickets (feature requests, tasks, and bug reports) for the current system can be seen here: