We’ve started working on mForms 2. mForms is the openXdata mobile client that lets users collect data on their mobile phones. Some of the new features we’ve added:

  • Calculation support – ability to calculate fields based on entered data
  • Ability to download forms already uploaded for editing
  • Saving of partially completed forms
  • Complex expression support – lets you do complicated validations and skip logic

Click more to see a video of calculation support in action.

And of course, we’ve kept all of the good stuff from mForms 1:

  • Support for low-cost phones
  • GPS, multimedia, dynamic lists
  • offline use

mForms 2 is not yet officially a public release, but like all our code it’s available free of charge for you to download & try out.

Here’s a video of mforms in action to help rural sales agents calculate their comission and track the cash they’ve collected, while giving their sales manager realtime access to their sales events.

Demo of rural sales program

Sales Manger with multiple Sales Agents selling products in remote locations

Sales Agents need to know:

  1. how much commission they’ve earned at a sales event
  2. how much money they need to return to the company
  3. check that they have the right amount of money in hand

Sales Manager needs to:

  1. Have up to date information on how many products have been sold
  2. Know how much money to expect from Sales Agents at their weekly meeting